2Our company which started its activities in 2000, started to operate in the field of agriculture sector and sell Sapling Graft Band, Sapling Tying Rope, Olive Sapling Tying Rope, Grapevine Tying Rope, Dwarf Apple Tying Rope, Branch Separation Rope, Ornamental Plants Tying Rope, Full and Semi Dwarf Branch Separator, Tomato Connecting Clip, Shading Clip, Sapling Bag, Sapling Graft Paste, Grafting Machine and equipment, Grafting Knife, Wooden Post Cap, Metal Post Cap, Net Roof Clip, Net Collecting Equipment, Tomato Greenhouse Hanger, Tomato Stem Hook, Fruit Support Fork.

In order to develop the sectors in which we operate, we develop and market the best quality products in the most modern infrastructure by collaborating with our solution partners.